About Me


I grew up in Colorado. As a young adult, I spent a lot of time out in the elements, skiing, hiking, camping and soaking in hot springs. I became an Esthetician because I grew up with cystic acne and I have also been interested in knowing how to keep my skin healthy, supple and beautiful, especially when living in a challenging climate. Along with my interest in skin, I love helping people. It seemed like
a natural career path change to put these two things together and become an Esthetician, which happened over 10 years ago. A few years after becoming a full time Esthetician, I was introduced to permanent makeup. I could see how beneficial it would be to my customers to offer this service. I am passionate about helping women feel empowered. Sometimes feeling empowered comes from looking your best and permanent makeup not only helps in that way, it also shortens the time it takes to prepare for the day.

My technique with permanent makeup is soft and natural. To me, eyebrows frame a woman’s face, defining her unique features. I find the soft and natural look not only enhances a woman’s already unique features, but to the most unsuspecting eye, it can be literally undetectable. If permanent makeup is not for you, there are other techniques that will enhance your eyebrows, such as waxing and tinting. I want what works best for you and to keep you in your comfort zone.
My goal is to help my clients feel good about their appearance and to feel empowered enough to attain their goals in life. I am always learning new techniques, styles and procedures that can help you feel confident and self assured. If you have questions about facials or permanent makeup, please contact me for a free consultation.



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